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Walk Back Pilgrim -Erra

by Walk Back Pilgrim


Bestiarie vol. X

After their 2-tracks digital demo, Walk Back Pilgrim release their debut album on digital / vinyl format with Bestiarie.

Walk Back Pilgrim (A Coruña) recovers the legacy of the 90’s Birmingham industrial sound (Godflesh, Head of David, Scorn…) with a unique formula. Gelid guitars, smashing drum machines, trippy synths and a synthetic voice preaching originals and adapted poems of the welsh writer Dylan Thomas.

Pressed on golden vinyl.
Folder with 5mm spine letterpressed on golden ink
Numbered and limited to 300 copies.

Track list:
A1: Son of a hunt
A2: Them / Dragged through prayer
B1: Neuromancer
B2: Find meat at bones
B3: Meat-eating sun

Keko: Guitars, Machine drums
Ñaco: Bass
Nando: Vocals, Korg Ms20

Background Vocals on B2 & B3 by Alfredo Iglesias
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Santa Cruz Recordings, A Coruña
Layout & design by Miguel Sueiro